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Building Information Modeling

CSI has successfully developed expertise in 3D BIM which includes visualization and animations of Early Stage modeling. Integration & Coordination, Construction Documentation & Construction operations Information Exchange, 4d Construction Sequencing & 5d Quantities & Cost

CSI has a well experienced team of BIM experts capable enough to deliver all design including Architectural, Structural, MEP based on BIM platform.

BIM, during Design can play a pivotal role in Global exploring manifold opportunities of urban expressions across the canvass of skylines.

Massing, Concept stage modeling for conveying the design intent Design Development through BIM , Our services include:

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Civil & Structural Engineering

At Structural analysis and Design Services, we provide sound, effective and wide range of structural analysis and design solutions using FEM Technique. We have a transparent and participative environment at our work place, which enables us to handle the most complex and comprehensive structural design.

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Engineering Design and Detailing

We have experience and expertise in all aspects of structural steel detailing services. We make optimum utilization of the technology focusing our efforts on your requirements and strive continually to prepare high quality and accurate shop drawings.

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Architectural Engineering

Architectural & Façade Design innovative and a beauty to watch

Architectural consulting businesses are always challenged to create designs that are innovative and a beauty to watch. Optimizing the utility and functionality of the space available, at a cost that is considered to be worth in every sense. CSI have always taken pride to take these demands with great sense of responsibility and have provided solutions that are unmatched by the completion.

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Design of Special Freeform Structure

So far, design and manufacturing of such structures are based on digital technologies which have been developed for other industries (automotive, naval, aerospace industry).

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